Blood bond, the family


Your existence is my core,

To face this sacred world ahead.

You paved my path,

You walked me down,

Shining brightly and hype me up,

Along with the time,

Your shine got dimmer,

The core cracked,

Bit by bit,

I realised a fact,

That you’ll never gonna be the same.

The family I once owned,

is now gone…


My very first post.

Hello. I’m the sole owner of this site and here are the list of things to be done in my territory:

1. Daily rants of course

2. The untold stories and feels

3. Pieces of the mind and heart

The rest would be rants yeah LOL. I made this site as a medium for myself. It’s better to be in this digital world without being known to others who knows me. A dia

ry would be sucha nuisance if it fall into the wrong hands either by accident or not.So,

Enjoy, dear self !

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